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Department Name TypeMeeting LocationMembersVacancies
Arts Commission Advisory CommitteesRoom 11291
Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee Advisory CommitteesCouncil Chambers61
City Council City CouncilCouncil Chambers7 
Civil Service Commission Advisory CommitteesRoom 1123 
Community & Economic Revitalization Committee (CERC) Council CommitteesCouncil Chambers  
Design Review Board Advisory CommitteesRoom 2079 
Downtown Strategy Stakeholder Work Group Advisory CommitteesCouncil Chambers19 
Finance Committee Council CommitteesRoom 2073 
General Government Committee Council CommitteesCouncil Chambers3 
Hearing Examiner Land UseRoom 2071 
Heritage Commission Advisory CommitteesRoom 207101
Land Use & Environment Committee Council CommitteesCouncil Chambers3 
LEOFF I Disability Board Advisory CommitteesRoom 1125 
Lodging Tax Advisory Committee Advisory CommitteesRoom 2075 
Olympia Metropolitan Park District Board Metropolitan Park District BoardCouncil Chambers7 
Olympia Transportation Benefit District Board Transportation Benefit DistrictCouncil Chambers7 
Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee Advisory CommitteesRoom 20791
PBIA Advisory Board Advisory CommitteesCouncil Chambers151
Planning Commission Advisory CommitteesRoom 20791
Public Meeting DepartmentCouncil Chambers  
Site Plan Review Committee Land UseRoom 207  
Utility Advisory Committee Advisory CommitteesCity Hall, Room 2079